Hiking in Nepal

When you want to experience a different world, Tibet will be your best choice, Which is known as the third pole of the world And attracts countless travelers all over the world to explore its unique beauty.


The word “hiking” used to refer to hiking in Nepal in the 1860s, and since then hiking has become very popular in the world.

Traveling means walking along the mountain road. There are differences between hiking and hiking. Hiking routes can be long or short. Hiking is very popular among people. The reason is the natural scenery and cultural landscape along the way. In addition, exotic flowers and exotic animals along the way add a lot to hiking. The mountain view of the walk may be the most attractive, but the traveler has found other attractions: beautiful mountain villages, stylish houses, neat mountains, and charming temples... with increasing heights, green spaces The stretches of forest are miles away, and the rushing streams and unfathomable canyons replace the landscape, and the mountain views vary with the seasons. Charming sight. Of course, your hiking companion is also an important reason for a pleasant trip, and travel can enhance the friendship between friends.

In the past two hundred years, people's development and demand for the earth have changed their living conditions and changed the natural environment. Most people's lives are getting farther away from nature. People are entering the city's reinforced concrete forest. Only a small sky of the gray sky can be seen, which makes people more and more eager to get close to nature and look for lost freshness.

At the beginning of the last century, various developed countries in Europe and the Americas developed various outdoor sports and gradually became a fashion. More and more people are out of the city and meet three travel companions in nature.

As an emerging sport that combines sports and leisure, “walking away” is just one of the few projects designed to stimulate and challenge its limits. However, it has become a global one. Stylish and healthy sport.

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